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It starts with a quiet rumble
You feel it before it’s heard
You have nothing else to go on
But this feeling and his words
But his words are thin and heavy
They weigh you down but don’t mean a thing
Your grievances were hushed for so long
But now you want to sing
Now you want to scream
Wreak some havoc, make him bleed
You want to walk away
And you should, my darling—flee!

But it’s a terrifying notion, to live without him
In a way, he’s all you have
And the doubt settles in: maybe you should stay?
Until you realize that letting go of someone
Means slowly retrieving pieces of yourself
You never knew you gave away

And they say you two will be unfinished
Like, unfortunately, most things are
But you will adore yourself again
And that is the most important step, by far
So go, my love, leave him mid-sentence,
leave him mid-dream
For you were built for concrete happiness
You are not supposed to be merely felt
by a boy’s desperate hands,
but be truly, truly seen

probablytrue, “A Letter to Lost Girls”
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Maybe you’ll meet her in a grocery aisle,
When you’re buying that strange protein powder you love
Maybe you’ll meet her in the bookstore,
Amongst the shelves you hide in like an alcove
No matter where, you will find her
And she will know you in a way I never will
And you will adore her completely, as you should
And she will laugh at your silly references
And memorize every word you write
And she will never ask for more from you
Because with her you’ll readily give
Because with her you’ll redefine what it truly means to live

And I know one day,
Maybe tomorrow,
Maybe a month or six from now
I will have to let you go
This daydream that we will grow into more than we are
Is just a fantasy, this I know
But it is a sweet thought
It embraces me when I feel low
It’s a comforting illusion from which I’m not ready to part
But when it’s time we both will know,
because I will politely ask back for my heart

Because right now if you needed me
I’d drop anything in a beat
You live half an hour away
But I’d make it in 20 if you called me
And this isn’t something I’m ashamed of
Because when this timid heart of mine loves,
it loves fiercely
And if you knew how it felt when you look at me
You’d know just how deeply you pierce me

But I know one day you’ll meet her
This woman who will be your wife
And I do hope you find her
Because you deserve that kind of life
And mine will keep going
I’ll thrive in my words and memories
I’ll make new ones and embrace
The concrete moments my life will be

But I will remember you
And the whispered promises that we made
And the way it felt to be yours
Just for a moment, just for a day
Because this is just how it ends sometimes
It’s no one’s fault, this is not defeat
I’m just searching for something true, what I really need,
Because, “I almost love you”
Just doesn’t sound as sweet

probablytrue, “The Day I Let You Go”
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Fell asleep at 9:30, woke up at 1:30. This whole can-only-sleep-in-4-hour-increments business is getting real old, insomnia.

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Gentle reminder that people working in customer service are paid to be nice to you and you should not fucking flirt with them because you’re probably making them extremely uncomfortable you piece of shit don’t force us into engaging your gross ass

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i really hate this ‘ur other half is out there somewhere u just gotta meet them’ like fuck off im not incomplete im a whole person and i dont need anyone to ‘complete me’ the only thing i need is a pizza and not ur shit bye

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How come Beyoncé wears crystal-studded leotards, 6” heels and fishnets, but she dresses Blue Ivy, her baby, in regular baby clothes? It really makes you think.

How come Beyoncé chooses to drink alcohol but doesn’t have Blue Ivy drink it? Why is Blue Ivy always being carried around? Why is she so short?

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